Monday, April 25, 2011

Cafe Elite

Cafe Elite
We had the awesome chance to review our first restaurant!  We went to Cafe Elite.  This is a totally vegan restaurant who strives to use organic ingredients whenever possible.  They are located in Plano right off Preston (corner of Preston Rd. and Plano Pkwy.)

Ambiance: The setting is small, cafe style.  All tables and chairs, no booths.
Service: The entire place was serviced by one woman and service was a little slow.
Food: They have their menu on their website and everything we tried was pretty delicious.  (Pictures and more info below.)

Overall we gave them 4 out of 5 watermelons!
Below are their Spring Rolls.  The sauce was a little spicy, the rolls themselves were fresh and crunchy.  We really enjoyed these rolls.
This black bean soup was recommended by another patron.  Filled with veggies and whole (not pureed) black beans, the soup had several depths of flavor and was very well received.  We even ordered some to take home to mom, who thought it was very delicious.
 This is the raw pizza.  The red sauce was fantastic.  It had several herbs and spices that gave it a sweet but savory flavor.  The "crust" was some type of a raw vegan nut loaf.  It wasn't super crunchy, it had a more chewy consistency.  Lisa, who ordered this dish, said there were too many avocados for her liking.
 This is the Raw Veggie Delight.  The sea kelp noodles were crunchy and when all the components, including the sauce, were mixed together this was quite tasty.  It was served with the raw vegan nut loaf as well.
 This is the Grilled American Panini.  The banana pickles in this sandwich gave it some kick, which was very good.  The bread was very flavorful, and crunchy on the outside like a Panini should be.  Rebecca, who ordered this dish, stated she thought there was too much Tofurky.
 This is the chili.  The chili had some spice to it, which we liked.  It wasn't super chunky, but it wasn't smooth, which we liked as it gave it that real chili texture.
We had to try dessert right?  2/3 of us liked the cookie and in fact said we wouldn't even know it was vegan had we not ordered it from a vegan place.
 We appreciated the details.  Even the take out containers and bags were earth friendly.
All in all - great experience.  We highly recommend it.

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  1. I was just reading the entry and saw the pic of the spring I am craving those spring rolls. :) They were YUMMY!!