Thursday, April 21, 2011

Central Market Yumminess

Some days I feel more healthy than others. Today, I felt pretty stinkin' healthy. I got a good nights sleep (which always makes a difference), went to Central Market off Lover's Ln in Dallas and picked up a yummy salad, local fruit, hummus and naan. It was YUMMY!! I love Central Market...everything is so fresh. They had all these juice and fruit samples and I munched my way through the store. Top it off with lots of water and it feels like a healthy day!


  1. That is SERIOUSLY my favorite and most uplifting way to spend my lunch hour. Everyone is friendly and happy that works there. The samples are outrageous. And I feel good about the food I feed us from there, even if it can be a tad indulgent at times. Yeah, totally love it.

  2. I know, it's the best. CM inspires me to cook and bake. Whole Foods inspires me to be healthy. I just love 'em!