Friday, April 22, 2011

Flower in Bloom

I don't know why my picture makes me look like I am Polynesian. We are all three sisters from the same parents so.... Then again, my sisters have always joked that I was adopted because my complexion is a little more olive than theirs. Anyway, I thought I'd say hello and introduce myself. I'm the middle child in the family (and yes all that they say about middle children is true!). I live in Dallas and enjoy seeing the skyline when it's lit up at night. Being outdoors is therapeutic and I am always seeking beautiful sanctuaries. Every place I have lived as an adult, I found a place that helped me feel serene. It's usually by a lake, stream, mountain...some majestic, calming natural place. I am still looking for this in Dallas. Now, to be clear, I am no mountain climber; I just appreciate the beauty of the earth.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus once said she was a late bloomer. That concept has stuck with me and I think it applies. It took me a little longer in life to figure out my beliefs, fashion sense, etc. than others around me. Some things are still in development. I am a late bloomer with food appreciation as well. Recently, I have become excited about discovering sights, smells, and tastes of yummy, healthy food. When at CM the other day, I had the yummiest pineapple. It looked great, smelled fresh, and was so juicy. Contrast that with a hamburger from a fast food chain. Have you ever smelled that food up close?? Pretty gross. Anyway, I am still blooming and excited about the world I am discovering.

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