Sunday, May 22, 2011

Discovering New Foods

Since I have been eating more vegetarian, I have been trying to experiment with other foods. Something I recently discovered is that I really like green peppers. Now, when I was younger, Heidi used to eat greep peppers like apples and it grossed me out a little so I have never really taken to them. They are good in stir frys and cooked dishes but I rarely, if ever, ate them raw. Well, I have been having them in my salads lately and they are YUMMY! They add crunch and some bulk, have good flavor, and keep moisture in the salad.

Also, I have been trying more of Amy's organic foods. I have always loved their tortellini but tonight for dinner, I tried the mushroom and olive pizze....YUM! It was so falvorful and tasty. They also do a vegan pizza but I don't think I can give up cheese yet. :)

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