Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Raw Food Detox - Day 1

So, I decided to do the raw food detox.  My goal is to eat raw (my version of raw) every day for a week.  Let me define: I eat raw fruits and vegetables, raw/unpasteurized cheese, raw nuts, and Ezekiel bread.  I know that Ezekiel bread is not technically raw; however, it is as whole and healthy as bread can be and it adds significantly to this diet so that it is more sustainable.  Therefore, I eat Ezekiel bread during this detox.  Also, I have heard that some nuts that are supposedly raw are not actually raw (especially my favorite - cashews).  I've decided, though, that if I make this a concern, it makes the detox to complicated.  So, I've decided to take the grocers at their word and if they say that a nut is raw, I believe it. 

Here I am on day one.  I ate perfectly today, though I have tons of cravings and wish I could go crazy at a Chinese buffet.  However, on to day 2.  Hopefully the cravings will eventually subside.

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