Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Honey "Sauce"

So Rebecca and I took a trip down to San Antonio this past week and I learned it is difficult to eat within the limits of "crunchy" when you're on the road.  I took a lot of snacks for my son and I on the way down, but since the trip was 4 days long, we obviously ate out a lot.  We stopped at a gas station on the way down and there was a Grandy's inside.  I haven't eaten at Grandy's in more than 10 years, I'm sure.  So we ordered some food and along with our biscuits came this:
Rebecca and I had a little giggle when we saw it.  Honey Sauce.  Named appropriately as you can see.  It isn't honey, no no no.  It's honey with other crap added and then artificial flavor added to make it taste like honey again.  This made me re-realize why so many things we see in the grocery store has corn syrup and other unnecessary ingredients.... it allows the product to be made more cheaply and stretches the product.  Just like when my mom used to add extra noodles to her casserole recipes- you stretch that recipe so it is just a teensy bit cheaper to feed your family.  Unfortunately, these kinds of cost cutting moves are terribly unhealthy.  I'll take my pure honey over Honey Sauce any day, thank you.

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