Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cucumbers? and Other Gardening Surprises

Because of the heat, we kind of gave up on the garden.  We decided to harvest out carrots and either freeze them or use them.  Much to our surprise a few weeks later something started growing!!  I had planted five things, but when the fifth one didn't grow, I forgot about it and forgot what I planted.  Well, I guess the heat did some amazing things, because it just kind of took over and now the cucumbers(?) are sprawling healthily with lots of flowers all over!  Hopefully in a few weeks we can report that we have fresh homegrown cukes!

Here are some good gardening tips we learned this year:

Look at that big daddy carrot in the middle!  HUGE!!  When planting carrots, space them out to give them space to grow!
 Don't over water, don't underwater, and use the internet to find information on how to prevent issues.  I found this carrot and a quick google search led me to this resource which gave tons of information just on carrots.  If you have a lot of carrots growing in your garden, like we did, become familiar with it.  This goes for any other plant.  Get to know the best way to grow, harvest, and store that crop.
 Cucumber flowers!  I'm hoping they'll be really tasty soon!  I'm not sure why they took so long to sprout, but then took over the garden so quickly.  Something to research on another day.
 The cukes extend beyond the garden.  I guess I didn't give them enough space to grow!
One thing I learned this year was that weeds will take over quickly and will make gardening way less fun.  Instead of planting in the ground like we did this year, I am going to work on either making or buying a raised bed garden next year to prevent weeds from attacking!  But like most things, I'm learning!  Slowly but surely, we're getting closer to a big, beautiful garden!

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  1. My sad attempt at gardening in pots was an epic failure. I'd like to blame the 60+ days of triple digit heat. :) Yeah, that's what I'll do.

    But it probably had more to do with my utter lack of gardening knowledge. Here's to next year!