Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to the NEW YEAR!

Made any resolutions?  I used to make resolutions every year, but forgot about them around February.  Come November, I might remember them again and feel like it was too late to even attempt it.  So- I stopped making resolutions!  Smart, no?  Actually, I make smaller goals throughout the year and adjust and readjust as my needs change.

But let's talk past goals and check in with how we are doing.  
1- At some point last year I made the commitment to only purchase grass fed meat, and to verify the meat was treated well.  Well, I've mostly kept the commitment.  Eating out is a challenge, either you eat vegetarian or you eat Chipotle.  Those seem to be your only options!  But vegetarian isn't bad and I've substantially increased how many vegetarian meals I consume (much to the sadness of my husband.)  My sweet husband loves meat and gets fuel from meat and potatoes.  So taking away his meat isn't plausible.  To help, I've been trying to make meals where the meat is optional.  Like taco salad, you can either add meat or not- it's really not missing anything when you go without.

2- I wanted to buy more food organic.  I think I did fairly well at this for many months, but when we bought a house, our budget got a little tighter, so I wasn't able to freely spend.  By choosing foods from the clean 15, and avoiding foods from the dirty dozen I'm still able to eat more organic and cut down on our pesticide intake.

This year, my friend and I have started a weight loss challenge.  We both have a little weight we need to lose.  So we're going to be exercising and logging our food intake and rewarding ourselves for meeting our joint goal and any personal goals we make.  I love the rewarding part!  I think logging my food will be challenging, but I think it will help cut down on the snacks I eat.

I look forward to MORE crunchy goodness with you- our readers!  I can't wait until Farmers Market season comes back and we can get back to where this blog really started, finding good places locally where we can eat more nutritiously!!

Bring it on 2012!

Things to come this year- more giveaways, more recipes, and more reviews!

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