Saturday, May 12, 2012

Haslet Farmers Market

I know what you're thinking... where's Haslet?  Haslet is a town at the tip of north Fort Worth.  If you've ever been near Alliance Airport, then you've been near Haslet.  Haslet Farmers Market is likely to serve well for North Fort Worth, Haslet, Rhome, Northlake, maybe Roanoke, perhaps some people from Decatur, even some Keller people.  Today was the first day- not just of this season- but of Haslet EVER having a Farmers Market, so I felt it was noteworthy to discuss.  I headed down to downtown Haslet early this morning for a peek into the newest offering, and I was so happy at what I found!  I think this place will make a great addition to the area.

Here are some pics of my trip:

These are some tomatoes from Finley Farms, I originally saw these guys last week at Keller Farmers Market... except this week that had a much larger variety.
 More produce, look that that selection!  I loved those sweet potatoes in the back- they're HUGE!
 Green beans- yum!  Prices are reasonable as well.
 Yumscents.  The said they would be here probably every other week.  Such great scents.  I purchased a soap and a lotion from them today to give to my sisters for Mother's Day.
 This was a jewelry vendor- she had beautiful selections.  I forgot to grab her card, but she too said she would be there every week.
 I really loved these rings.  These particular ones were just $15 each.
 Hudspeth Farm was here.  VERY reasonable prices for their products, they also sells eggs as well as meat.

A picture I missed (although I bought the product) was Mother Shucker's Tamales.  I bought the black bean and jalenpeno (so yum) and the spicy pork (we'll try them later).  When I try the spicy pork, I'll try to remember to take a picture to share with you!  For the black bean ones, we simply placed them in the crock pot with a little water and heated them up.  Delicious.

 Lucido's Produce.  I've seen these guys all over the Farmers Market scene.  I actually haven't had the chance to purchase any of their products yet, but I think I'll try these pickles next time.
 The Spice Boys were there!  Which seems obvious since they're from Haslet and all.  I met these boys last year at Grapevine Farmers Market and loved how involved they were and how great their stuff tastes.
 Sadly I didn't get a picture of this next booth, I was too tantalized by the cheese...., but Pure Country Products was amazing.  Their cheese was so flavorful, you needed just a little bit to satisfy your savory appetite- which is great because the more flavor it has, the less you eat.  A win-win.  These cheeses are made by a husband wife team.  I met the husband at the market and I really appreciated how friendly he was, how much he knew about the cheese and where the milk comes from.  I don't want to sound cheesy (badum ching) but I could taste the love.  Seriously, LOVED this cheese.

A few notes about the market- there was plenty of parking in front of and on the sides of the market.  There is a small park behind the market which is great for kids and perhaps a snack after you shop.  Market hours are 8-12.


  1. Hi! I just found your blog on the 100 Days of Real Food fb page. We are new to the Keller area but have been going to the Keller Farmer's Market almost every weekend. I didn't know there was one in Haslet as well; we'll have to check it out! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I'm glad you found us! Keller FM is awesome, but it's always good to get variety! I recommend Homestead Farms for during the week shopping in Keller too.