Sunday, May 6, 2012

Keller Farmers Market

My husband is hard to impress, so I was thrilled when we went to Keller Farmers Market yesterday and he actually was asking to buy things.  Yesterday was the first day the Farmers Market was open for this season!  I am really excited we got to go.  Let me walk you through some of our visit!  The Market is at around the fountain at the corner of Bear Creek Pkwy and Town Center Ln.

They had a lot going on today, but the first thing that greeted us was the Seed and Plant Exchange hosted by Metroport Meals on Wheels and the Primrose School in Keller.  The kids got to plant a little something in a cup, and the adults got free plants!  My sweet peppers didn't come up this year (I think as the result of an overly helpful toddler) so I got one to put in it's place.  I'll make sure to take a picture later to show you.  It looks beautiful and healthy.

Look at these great breads provided by Village Baking Company.  I tried one of their croissants last year, and it was AMAZING.  So good, and they use lots of organic ingredients.
 Seriously, the flower makes me want it even more.  I bet it would go great with some olive oil!!
 Music was provided by The Matt Larsen Quartet, they were very good, and made the stroll so much more enjoyable!
 Friends of the Keller Library was there.  I picked up a great used book for a $1.25.  Super psyched to read it to my kiddo tomorrow.  They are open Wednesday and Saturday from 10-2, near Old Town Keller.  Great place to pick up some books, and the lady was super sweet and friendly.

 South Texas Beef Jerky- one word- YUM.  This table was so busy, it was hard to get a good picture!

Flowers by Cooper and Co. Nurseries.  They had great Mother's Day arrangements for just $18.

 Look at these great colors!
 Now, here's a vendor I've never seen before- natural pet food with free delivery by Nature's Select.  This is another one that had a lot of people at the table- so I didn't get a chance to speak with them, but I love that they have no corn, etc in their food.
 Vegan Soaps and various other products by YumScents!  These smelled awesome.
 This was probably my husband's favorite table- I mean, grilling things for my grill king.  This Jalapeno Honey Mustard looks interesting.... I think I'll pick some up the next go 'round.
 And look at these rubs and salsas.  Yum!!  Can't wait to try them.  These were made by Smokin' Texas Gourmet.
 Of course Homestead Farms was there!  We love you, Homestead!  They were all out of cucumbers though- boooo. :-)
 These onions were at the table for Finley Farms out of Lipan.  I couldn't find a website for them, but I did find this description from Coppell Farmers Market.  They were reasonably priced and so friendly.  We purchased both mushrooms and potatoes (with dirt still on it, thank you very much) from them.  She apologized for the dirt, but personally, I kind of like it that way.
 There were a few food vendors for immediate consumption, including these pork people, tamale people, and some pizza people.

 Plenty of space to play and eat.

For a full list of vendors at Keller Farmers Market please go to their website.  This is going to be a regular Saturday event for our family- we hope to see you there!

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