Thursday, August 23, 2012

Touch Magic Toy Party- Coupons Available

I know this has little to do with EatCrunchy's normal premise, which is healthy and satisfying eating and living, but I was selected to host a Touch Magic Party by Leap Frog and I wanted to show a few pictures and talk about the cool toys we received.

As many readers know, we plan on homeschooling Miles when he gets old enough.  Now that he's almost 3 I've been looking for ways to introduce some preschool activities into his learning, mostly through play.  When I was selected from the Leap Frog party, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to get started on fun, learning games.  And I was right!  By the way, I do still have a few coupons available from the party.  They are for $5 off any Leap Frog Touch Magic Toy (the guitar, the bus, or a counting train, which we didn't receive, but I saw it in Target and it looks fun!)  Please send me a little note via email or comment below if you would like me to slip one in the mail for you.  I have just a few, so please be quick!

Miles already knows his letters, but the Learning Bus made reviewing the letters fun.  We've been working on the sounds that the letters make, and really enjoyed pressing the letters, and playing the keyboard that's on the bus.  In addition, he liked pushing it around up on it's wheels. :)  A little unconventional for a flat object, but fun nonetheless.

We also received two Rockin' Guitars.  Most of the kids were too young to understand the games between the two guitars, but enjoyed finding the songs that they recognized and playing along with them.  Miles in particular loved Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Here is Miles when we first introduced the guitar.
 My husband helped Miles put the strap over his head and tried to show him the proper way to rock out.  Miles didn't like the strap, but many of the other kids did.

 Along with the toys came some recipe ideas.  My personal favorite were these Rockin' Roll Ups, which I made healthier by using whole wheat tortillas, spinach, happy free range roast beef, and organic cream cheese with chives.
 I had purchased too many ingredients so I made lunch meals for my mom and my husband. :)
Our party kit came complete with invitations and certificates.  Miles likes to keep his certificate in the bathroom.  I think it's a little weird, but he likes to review the letters while he's going potty.  What can I say, he's an overachiever.  Thanks Leap Frog and MomSelect for helping us host this party!

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